Should you consider buying a lift chair?

21 April 2021
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Mobility issues can be difficult for any individual. You may be used to getting and making yourself a hot drink or going to the bookcase to find something to read. If you can no longer easily get out of the chair, you could be stuck in one position waiting for someone to help you move. Even if you do eventually find a way out of the chair on your own, the effort may have exhausted or even injured you and deterred you from making further efforts in the future. A far better option is to find a way to make standing easier, and lift chairs are a good way to achieve that.

How do lift chairs work?

Electric lift chairs help users move from a seated to a standing position without a struggle. If gaining an upright position is often difficult for you, you might strain your shoulders, hips or other parts of your body while trying to raise yourself out of the chair. Lift chairs can move your body from a sitting to a standing posture without placing any unnecessary strain on your body. Lift chairs can provide many benefits for users, but you must select the right lift chair for your situation. Here are three things that you must check before you make a purchase.

Can the chair take your weight?

Each individual is a different size and weight, and no lift chair can accommodate every body type. When looking at lift chairs, study the specifications carefully to check that it is designed to move your body shape.

Think about how the chair will affect your health

There is a variety of medical benefits that can come with using lift chairs. You could find that the chair offers relief from pressure sores, poor circulation or back pain. However, not everyone is suited to using lift chairs. If you have any concerns about how a lift chair might affect your health, it is worth speaking to an occupational therapist before buying one of these chairs.

Can you control the lift chair?

Controlling a lift chair is not difficult, but you must be able to reach the control panel unaided, and you must be aware of which buttons to press to safely activate the chair. If you need to strengthen particular muscles before you can safely use the lift chair, your occupational therapist will be able to devise appropriate exercises to help you do that.

For more information about lift chairs, contact a supplier.