What to Know Before Buying Click Lock Flooring Systems

12 July 2017
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One of the more common DIY projects is to remove your carpeting and replace it with a flooring system of some kind. This change can help reduce allergies and can help reduce odours in the home from debris that may get trapped in carpet fibres. When you start looking at flooring systems to replace your carpet, one option is a click-lock system. This system is designed to be placed quickly and easily and can be used throughout the home. With that in mind, there are some considerations to take into account before choosing this flooring system.

Underlayment is Necessary

There is a misconception with click-lock flooring systems that all you have to do is buy the flooring and then just place the flooring where you want it. The truth is, you will need an underlayment for the flooring. This is to cushion the flooring and to give you more stability with the flooring system. This underlayment is commonly made of foam and can be purchased alongside the flooring system you choose. The underlayment will need to be placed throughout the entire area rather than in sections in order to prevent air bubbles or spacing that could trap humidity and cause mould or mildew.

Nails and Glue are Still Needed

When you purchase a click-lock system, you may believe you are saving money on the flooring system when compared with traditional flooring systems like sheet vinyl or stone. The truth is, you will still need nails and glue, as well as other tools, in order to complete the click-lock flooring option. This is primarily to help with securing the flooring to the corners of the room and around doorways as well as in spaces where you may notice loose boards and connections.

Casings and Wall Frames Considerations

When you start to lay a click-lock flooring, you may think that you will have to rework your door casings and wall frames. Most click-lock systems will actually work around the casings and wall frames with only slight adjustments, such as cutting the base of the casing so the floor can slide into place. When it comes to wall frames, you may find that you will need some kind of trim to make the room look finished and complete.

By keeping these key points in mind, you can decide if the click-lock flooring system is best for your needs or if another system may be more ideal. For pricing and options contact your local flooring dealer and contractor.