Top Benefits of Pocket Spring Mattresses

30 September 2021
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Today, hoteliers should do everything to ensure that guests enjoy their stay. Notably, you can guarantee guests the best nights of their lives by investing in quality mattresses. While you can choose from various hospitality mattress brands, you cannot go wrong with pocket spring designs. This article highlights the reasons you should choose pocket-sprung mattresses for your hotel.

Springs Move Independently

When guests book a hotel room, you never know their sleeping arrangements. For instance, married couples or best friends can book one room with a single bed and sleep in it together. However, if the mattresses in your hotel feature open coil springs, sharing beds becomes uncomfortable. The reason is that movements on one side of a mattress affect the person sleeping on the other side. For example, if one partner is heavier than the other, the latter may roll to the centre if the mattress features open coil springs. On the other hand, the springs on pocket-sprung mattresses move independently. As such, two people can sleep on the same mattress without affecting each other's side of the bed. The attribute makes pocket spring mattresses an excellent choice for hotels.

Cooler Sleeping Surface

Australia is relatively hot all year round, and sleeping can be uncomfortable without quality beddings. Notably, some mattresses are known for their heat due to the lack of air space within the foam. However, pocket spring mattresses are quite the opposite since they are cooler. It can be attributed to the pockets of air spaces between the springs, which allow air to circulate easily throughout the mattress. Unhindered air circulation eliminates the tossing and turning characteristic of sleeping in hot and uncomfortable beddings. Consequently, guests do not have to keep removing their duvet to make themselves comfortable through the night.

Luxurious Feel

First impressions matter in the hospitality industry. Therefore, your mattresses should market your hotel. Ideally, guests typically want a luxurious bed when they lay down to sleep at night after a long day of vacation excursions. Fortunately, pocket spring mattresses feature layers of plush padding cased in spongy fabric pockets. The cushioning provides unrivalled comfort to help guests relax. Besides, it gives pocket spring mattresses a luxurious and affluent feel that any guest would love in their bed. Notably, pocket spring mattresses made of lamb's wool are considered the best in the hospitality industry as far luxury goes.

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